As a true business solutions provider, IBP offers online orders for restaurant merchants.  Other restaurant payment/order providers take an average of 15% of the merchants bottomline cost and will usually promote a third-party ordering website.  At the end of the day, the merchant’s profitability is down while they end up sharing the promotional value with everyone else that is accepting orders on that same platform.  In short… All that work for little profit!

IBP takes a different approach to its merchants in taking all that same hard work and giving more profit back to the merchant.  IBP will build out a menu and online order system customized for restaurants.  All traffic can be promoted and driven to the merchant’s website for online orders. Menus can be integrated into an existing websites for orders and payments.  If the merchant doesn’t have a website, IBP can build one for them.  Merchant payment accounts can also be integrated so that there are no additional online processing fees separate from their brick and mortar location.  That means all access to store-front and online in one single IBP account.  All ordering menus are built for access online and optimized for mobile.  Online ordering with IBP is a smart solution that really makes more sense!

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